Version 1.0.0 released!

Hi I'm Seqvalence, a hobbyist game developer and illustrator. I've been working on this game during my leisure time for 8 months, and now it's finally finished.

Please Fail Safely and Deadly is an HTML5 puzzle / shooter game where you control a special agent and an immortal to survive through tricky situations. The "immortal" here is not the usual meaning in games (infinite HP / damage immunity), but is (loosely) based on quantum immortality (where all possibilities of you dying are rejected). To illustrate the difference:

Damage immunityQuantum immortality (loosely)
Bullet fired at youBullet hit but cause no damageBullet deflected
Grenade thrown at youGrenade explodes but cause no damageGrenade won't explode
Jumping into a volcanoBathing in lava without taking damageEmm... plummeting towards the core of Earth? Dunno.

Where are you mortals aiming at? Not the immortal me!

Hope you enjoy this little twist as much as I do!

Tools Used

  • Three.js (an awesome open-source 3D JavaScript library)
  • Blender (for 3D modelling. Still learning so the quality of 3D models in the game is not quite good.)
  • Clip Studio Paint (for illustrations)

In the Works

Chapter 1 of the game is already finished. Chapter 2 is still in the works so I plan to post updates here from time to time. 

Also working on some background music.

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Mar 14, 2019

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